Monday, October 23, 2006

Of Snow Birds, The Wiggles and The Sabbath

Over the weekend, I had some random thoughts that popped into my head... without any internet connection, I had to hold on to it until now... so excuse me if it doesn't come out as "natural" as it should...
1. Last Friday evening (or maybe it was Thursday)... at a traffic light intersection around Vic Park, I looked out my window and saw the night sky full on little white birds circling round and round... it looked like there were thousands of them... it was so amazing and beautiful... I wondered what was causing this phenomenon... hubby didn't even blink an eye (because he said he's seen it happen before around this area). But can YOU picture it? Just imagine a dark black sky, and hundreds and thousands of white birds (they look like seagulls but I can't be sure) flying and circling around... like snow...
2. I realise how much influence little Christopher (Diana & Ronald's little boy) has had on us... till today, I still catch myself humming or singing the familiar "Lights, Camera, Action - Wiggles!" and "Where's Jeff?" tune from his favourite "The Wiggles" DVD
3. Perth is probably one of the few places left on earth who still follow the "Sabbath". I have to get all my groceries and shopping done by Saturday 5.00pm because all the major shopping centres close by then. Just like the Israelites in Exodus, I have make sure I've gathered enough "manna" to last be through Sunday because there is a very slim chance I'd be able to get anything else until Monday the earliest. 

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