Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Me wanna wear Prada!

Watched "The Devil Wears Prada" last night... right after hubby picked me up, we drove down to Westfield Carousel to catch the 6.30pm show.
I like the movie very much because of all the INTERESTING clothes, shoes and accessories that are blatantly shown throughout the movie. I can't believe these people have SO MANY coats... I currently survive on just 2 coats (which are both badly out of date in the fashion sense) one for casual and one for rainy days.
And the BOOTS!!! Woooaaah... stylo man...
Anyway, besides being reminded time and time again throughout the movie how UNFASHIONABLE and dowdy my own clothes are... the other two lessons are...
No.1 Have balance in life
No.2 Be true to yourself
After the movie, for the first time in ages... we revisited a familar and favourite Tuesday night routine of Perth-ians... Gelares half price waffles!!! We each ordered one large waffle, hubby had his topped with Rum & Raisin ice cream and I had Choc Chip Cookie Dough with mine... and to add to the indulgence... it also comes with whipped cream and maple syrup.... oooohhhh....
Next movie on my To-Watch list: The Departed, a Martin Scorcese movie (the Hollywood remake of Infernal Affairs)

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