Monday, October 23, 2006

Masak Masak

I just started cooking for the first time in our house last Thursday.
When we went to get groceries, hubby had the brilliant idea of getting those instant dish flavour packs by Maggi. It was really one of his finest ideas... They were on special at 99cents each... And they really helped to make cooking so much easier in the meantime while I get my kitchen sorted out (I don't have salt, pepper, soy sauce or even oyster sauce yet!)
Thursday's menu was this English chilli sausage dish... just throw in sausages, onions and chopped apples...
On Saturday, I was about to start on my next culinary attempt in my new kitchen... and just as I was about to pour the pasta into a pot of boiling water, hubby yelled out "STOP!!!"... so I did. Apparently a friend had just called and asked us to join them for dinner. Good thing he stopped me just in time. So I saved the dish for Sunday instead. It's an Italian mince meat dish with penne pasta. And we're having it for dinner tonight too (hooray!)

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