Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Head sets and M&Ms

Hey guess what? I got a head set!

I know, I know… very sakai lar… but I never worked with a head set before. I think it’s excellent. So convenient to multi-task while on the phone, or to take down notes during a phone conversation. I recommend that everyone should try it!

It’s also very STYLO, because you can swivel around in your seat and look very busy and important while you discuss so called important matters while typing out an email (or surfing the net) at the same time…

Tonight is cell group night and I’m looking forward to it, especially the refreshments part. Our cell group has very high standards for refreshments. During the last cell group meeting, I was in the refreshments team, and I made potato salad… one of my easy crowd-pleasers… that was good… very laku… only an empty platter left at the end.

Now I am munching on M&Ms courtesy of my MD… he brought back a few packets to share after he came back from an afternoon client meeting. I stashed a little pile on some tissue paper on my desk and he walked by and said “good to see that you have a healthy little stash there”… and asked us to eat more… so I will… hehehehe, so greedy

OK, time for more M&Ms…

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