Friday, October 20, 2006

Building it together from scratch

Every Monday night for the next few weeks, about 9 couples including us will be going through this marriage course using a series by Bruce Wilkinson.

The format is to first watch a video covering a topic by Bruce Wilkinson, and then break up into small groups to discuss and talk about what we learnt, and finally fellowship time with food and conversation.

When pastor first told me about it, I was debating whether we should attend this course or not. The couples would be a mix of soon-to-be-married couples, newly married couples, and couples married for 1-2 years or more. We had attended a number of such courses at our church in Singapore - both pre-marital and after-marriage...

In the end we decided to attend. After all, it's also a good opportunity for fellowship and get to know other couples of similar age as us in church.

We're now going through the leaving-and-cleaving topic... which we learnt about before, but I think it's good to reiterate it again and again... it's not just about leaving the parents, but as life goes on other things may come in (like the car, house, kids, the pet frog etc.) which could come between us, and we have to continually strive to make sure that we always “leave” the other stuff and “cleave” to each other…

One of the thoughts that struck me was during the discussion, and we touched on the point of how we needed to live at our own standard to keep the marriage together (i.e. not at our parents standards). And I think it’s good that MH and I started out together from scratch ourselves when we got married. When you build something together, I think it becomes more meaningful and we’ll treasure it more.

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