Monday, October 30, 2006

Bargain hunting (again!)

Guess what?
We've got bar stools!!!
There's a story behind this as well... Last Saturday (the previous weekend, not this recent one) we went down to IKEA and we spotted this cute little black bar stool on display... not too expensive, around $22+, so we made a little note in those little IKEA note paper with our little IKEA pencils, so we could pick it up at the check-out later.
After we were finished wandering round IKEA (not very big actually this Perth IKEA) we headed to the check-out to pick up our bar stool. There were stacks and stacks of boxes with the same design, but not even one of them was the colour we wanted: BLACK. All the ones left were this hideous transparent-white colours... ugh! We aksed one of the friendly IKEA staff and they said that all the black stools had just been sold out that day. They wouldn't be getting any new stock for the black stools until mid-late Nov!!! Sigh... so sad... and I was reeeeaaaally looking forward to being able to laze around our little kitchen counter and have breakfast together there...
So there was nothing else to do but wait until mid-late Nov.
Then on Sunday... hubby and I went out on another of our bargain-hunting expeditions... i.e. scouting around for second hand stuff from international students who were returning to their home countries... this was the perfect time coming to the end of the Semester... We had picked up a few posters from around my uni and made a few calls to drop by to see the various items.
I was still thinking about the stools... and counting the days till Nov...
We walked into one garage and lo and behold we saw not one but TWO of the exact same black bar stools I had been eyeing at IKEA.
How much? $12...
And as usual, me being me... bargain down to $10 lar!
I am very happy.
We sat down for dinner together on Sunday night on our kitchen counter. How cool is that?

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