Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Putting a decision into action

Tomorrow should be an "interesting" day for me.

I shall have to try and break the news to my current manager that I will be leaving. I got an offer from another company, with better pay and hopefully a more fulfilling job.

Although I'm still in my probation period. Which is supposed to be a time of assessment for both parties (i.e. the employer, as well as the employee). I still feel quite bad to have to do this.

I am already starting to think of the repercussions on my manager's side... time time invested in training me so far... the reduction of his team size when I go... and more time that has to spent to look for my replacement... Waaaaahhhh... so terrible!

Plus, the fella is going on his annual leave for 2 weeks starting next week... what a time to drop bad news on him!

I can't imagine how some people can job hop from company to company every few months. I would find it so emtionally draining...

Maybe I'm just thinking too much.

I really, really hope I can catch my manager in a very understanding mood tomorrow. I hope I will be able to say the right things. This so not going to be easy.

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