Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have nothing to wear!!!

Well people... let's tackle the usual questions first... It's been an okay first week at work. Mostly induction and training... so nothing exciting happening yet. Colleagues are nice. My desk is right by the window, which is also nice... almost everyone clocks off at precisely 5.00pm. In fact they all start packing their things away at 4.45pm... so funny! It felt very strange leaving work so early... I remember back at my office in Singapore, I almost felt guilty if I ever had to leave before 7.00pm!

Missing my hubby... but I'm coping... having a teeny weeny taste of single life... stopping by a cafe for a quick cappucino after work with a girlfriend... girls night out at Hyatt and Burswood Casino on a Saturday night... enjoying my first Cosmopolitan at the bar...

Don't worry... I kept my wedding band on the whole time... so I (sadly) didn't enjoy any unwelcome (or even welcome) male attention...

Tomorrow is Monday. I wonder what the day will bring. More importantly, I wonder what I'm going to wear!!! I have an extremely serious shortage of working clothes... I threw out so many which didn't fit me anymore, or had just become too tacky to be decent any longer. More sighs... I so don't feel like shopping now...

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