Friday, September 15, 2006

Deep sigh

It's now 9.00PM on a Friday night.

I'm all alone in the house.

Diana and Ronald are both away. Little Christopher came down with a really high fever today (over 40 degrees celcius) and had to be admitted to the hospital. They are keeping him overnight for observation... poor thing...

Had dinner with a couple of friends in Northbridge after work.


Don't know why I suddenly feel so tired. Feel like all my evenings have been occupied lately with one thing or another.

Can't wait to get a place of our own where I can just kick back, relax and do whatever I want...

Was watching Better Homes and Gardens on TV just now. Feel like baking something... but I don't have the ingredients and there's no one to bake for... sigh...

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  1. Well dear I hope all gets better for you and the little guy gets out of the hospital soon! You have a great BLOG and I do hope you come visit mine and leave your heartprints of love so I can find the trail back to your home. In HIS love. Katie


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