Sunday, September 03, 2006

Am I a good friend?


What a week it's been so far. Meeting old friends... Making new friends... a lot has changed in ZPH since the last time I was serving and worshipping here. Last night I joined them for their Mamak Nite... sampled their satay, nasi lemak, roti canai, pulut hitam, ondeh-ondeh... yumz!

It's amazing that even though I've been away for some time, and I barely even kept in touch with most of them... the moment I see them, it's ALMOST like good old times again. I say ALMOST because for many of them, things have changed like such as getting attached, getting married, getting babies... etc etc etc...

I was just reflecting over this past week that hubby and I have been so so BLESSED to be surrounded by so many GOOD FRIENDS... not just in Perth, but also at all the other places that we call home... KK, Subang/KL, Singapore, and more recently even Sydney...

We've only been in Sydney for a year, but I was so touched at all the little gestures and some gifts we received from the people there... and even such generosity in offering to send us to the airport... which was no joke because 5 boxes and 2 suitcases would be a strain for any car!

When I had to leave hubby behind in Sydney, a tiny part of me was worried that he'll be a bit lonely (yah I now he's a very self-sufficient man)... just a teeny weeny bit... but now I know I don't have to worry... after I left, he's been so happening... friends calling him out for movie, for makan, go down south trip... soooo happening... wonder if he still miss me?

Well as for me in Perth... I've been receiving so much hospitality. Staying with Ronald & Diana is great (but I'm also looking around for a place so I won't overstay my welcome)... and in church, there's always someone to look out for me that i won't get left behind... to bring me out for lunch... give me a lift home... so nice eh?

Yes... so many FANTASTIC friends...

And I truly and sincerely hope I can say that it's because we've been GOOD friends to the people in our lives as well... have I?

God is good!

P.S. Next Saturday night I'm going out for dinner and dancing with the Nottingham Gurlz! Woohoo!!! hehehehe... don't worry, Ronald & Diana are there to remind me "Don't forget you are a married woman now, Serene!"

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