Sunday, August 20, 2006

An ingenious party idea!

I had the most delicious dining experience at our friend Ange's housewarming party last night...

The theme was a Vietnamese rice paper roll party... hmmmm... so uhuh, what's that?

Well it's sort of a cross between a popiah party and steamboat dinner

Aaaaand...... I tell you, it's the most ingenious idea which I promised I would try if I ever have a gathering at my own home sweet home next time.
OK... let me show how it works... let the pictures tell the story...

All you need is to chop up all sorts of fresh produce and some meaty assortments like carrots, cucumber, capsicum, coriander, mint, pork roll, sliced beef etc... see the colourful spread on the table here?

And then you buy a pack of vietnamese paper rolls... which each guest dips in some water (to soften it), lays it out on his/her plate and proceeds to decorate it with various ingredients (just like making popiah). And then you roll it up like so... this is hubby's very expert attempt at the art of rice paper rolling...

Sometimes the roll may need a bit of touch up afterwards... hehehehe (this is our friend Grace arranging her roll with art and precision)

But in the end... it's all about having fun... being able to play with your food (somewhat)... and stuffing yourself silly

I had so much fun making the rolls, I was seriously torn with the decision of whether I should make another roll just for the fun of it... even though I was so so so so so FULL!

But I think this is truly a guilt-free menu... lots of vegies, no frying, no oily stuff, pure and simple... and refreshing!

I also chup the secret sauce recipe from Denis (the guy in the beanie)... you want it? Next time I share lar ok?

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