Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm not blue

Well... I finally touched down safely in Perth on Sunday 27th August.

The flight was pretty good. Uneventful (which is good). They showed a movie, R.V. Runaway Vacation during the first half of the 4-hour flight. I watched it while eating my lunch of pasta and meatballs.

I had a window seat, so after dozing on and off for a while and looked out at the wide expanse of clouds and a blue horizon. It was such such such a beautiful day. I spent at least good hour staring out the window, soaking in the beautiful coastlines and farmland stretched out before me... and pondering on what was awaiting me in Perth.

After the plane touched down, i switched on my mobile.... beep beep... there was a message waiting for me. It was from hubby... "I lost my wife and am locked out of the flat"... what could that possibly mean???

After unloading 5 boxes and 2 suitcases from the baggage carousel, I called hubby to investigate this mysterious message...

Horror of horrors! The key to our apartment was still in my pocket!!! Poor hubby!!!

Good thing we have kind and helpful friends. So he will spend the night at a friend's place and go down to see the property agent to get the spare key on Monday morning.

Sigh. So much for uneventful.

It's been a beautiful 3 days so far here in Perth.

The sky is blue
The weather is sunny
But I'm so blue
'Cos I miss my hubby

Hehehehe...That poem just popped into my head 2 seconds ago. But I'm not really blue although I do miss hubby.

There's plenty to occupy me at Diana's place. Diana's familiar chatter. Ronald's funny jokes. And there's also the cute and entertaining antics of little Christopher Ong.

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