Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dunce at math

I used to be a terrible dunce at math. My dad (who had attempted to tutor me at math before) often became VERY disturbed after each tutoring session at my absolute ignorance of the basic principals of math.

Each father-daughter math tuition session was interjected by dad TRYING to be patient as he repeated his favourite math phrase "what you do on the left, do the same on the right, what you do upstairs, do the same downstairs"... and if it happened to be a extremely difficult sum for me, there was the usual "it's enough to make me vomit blood!" sputtering from dad's mouth.

Thankfully, it did not end with me being doomed to be a dunce at math forevermore. I caught on eventually.

But today a friend sent me these abominations:

So dad should really be very thankful that I never demonstrated any stupidity as bad as this! (If I did, I don't know how both of us would have survived)


  1. I couldn't imagine that there are people down south who are so poor in maths. Unbelievable !

  2. yes, unbelievable. but cannot deny that they are pretty creative!


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