Sunday, August 20, 2006

Clever me!

I didn't think that I would have anything to write about cooking nowadays because I didn't expect to attempt any interesting culinary experiments since I am basically bereft of all the seemingly basic kitchen equipment (I don't even have a microwave, fridge or even a kettle now!)

But then I had to crack my head to think of ways to finish the food in our larder (besides instant noodles).

I boiled the rest of the eggs (10 of them) and kept them aside for hubby and I to eat for breakfast over the next few days. Next I made a simple rock sugar syrup to go with the can of grass jelly... yummy indeed!

And then I pondered over the spaghetti and can of tomatoes. Then I had a sudden inspiration ala Surprise Chef. Earlier, I also had gone out to get a small slice of fetta cheese.

All I had left was a teeny tiny saucepan, a mini food processor and two teaspoons... I made a desperate attempt to create a culinary masterpiece...

I blended the tomatoes with some garlic, a dash of red wine vinegar and a pinch of salt. I cooked the spaghetti in batches, drained them and set them aside. And then I poured the tomato mixture into the saucepan and brought it to the boil.

I ladled the sauce over the spaghetti and served it in an elegant plastic take-away food container. Crumbled the fetta cheese over it with some chicken nuggets on the side (he nuggets I got from the deli and just popped into the oven for a few minutes).

Hubby's verdict? "The pasta tastes funny. Maybe too much garlic? But the nuggets are nice"

My verdict? I actually thought it was very tasty! I might cut down on the salt though because I had underestimated the saltiness of the fetta cheese... maybe also cut down on the garlic? Maybe only lar... because I love garlic... so I tend to go a bit crazy with it in cooking...


Am I clever or what?

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  1. Great survival skill indeed. It's like reading some kind of Amazing Race. Only it's happening in the middle of Sydney.


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