Saturday, August 26, 2006

Best yum cha in Sydney (IMHO)

Today is the eve of my departure from Sydney to Perth. We spent the morning at Zilver for yum cha (dim sum) with friends KK&K. I think this place serves the best dim sum in Sydney

I highly recommend their siu-mai, honey pork ribs, yau-char-kuai, green tea bun and especially their mango pancakes which taste just heavenly... mmmmmm... just thinking about it makes me swoon...
Hubby likes their pei-tan-juk too!

These are friends, KK&K, who invited us out for a final yum cha session together...

The har-gao is not bad too!

We ended up eating too much (which is quite usual when eating dim sum) but feeling very happy and satisfied.

I look forward to another yum cha session at this place the next time we're in Sydney...

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