Sunday, July 16, 2006

Getting chilly again...

Well the house is all quiet now with just two of us once again... definitely a big contrast to just a few days ago when we ambushed by 3 big kids bouncing around our tiny apartment...

I think the extra people really helped to warm up the place. We didn't use the heater at all while they were here... but now they are all gone, the place started to feel a little chilly and we had to switch on the heater again yesterday night.

I baked another cake last night (baking helps keep me warm)... this time with white frosting decorated with smarties. This time there was no hungry hoard to pounce on it to gobble it up... sigh... it was nice having people around and being able to cook for others... I already enjoy cooking for hubby and myself... but being able to spread around the love more to others is nice too...

And these kids were hungry! I mostly cooked Asian/Chinese food like fried minced pork, bakuteh, green curry etc. because I think they hardly get a chance to eat this kind of cooking (especially Paul who says he's very deprived of good Chinese/Asian cooking)... and when Paul was left, he got to enjoy my mild Indian curry and Chinese chicken herbal soup.

But cooking for so many people can be exhausting... I can't imagine what it would be like to cook for a whole family next time every day! So today I'm just taking a break from the kitchen... we went out to Canton Noodle House for lunch to have pei-tan-jook with yau-char-kuai... yummy! But one piece of the pei-tan tasted a bit funky and left a funny taste in my mouth... aside from that it was all good.

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