Monday, June 19, 2006

Unposted comments

Sorreeee... I only realised recently that comments posted have not been appearing lately... all my fault... I apologise to some of the faithful readers who repeatedly tried submitting the comments again to no avail.

Silly me. I had forgotted to visit my "moderate comments" tab lately. So absent-minded of me. sigh.

I decided to switch it off for now... and go back to the normal comments posting mode... until I encounter any EVIL spammers that is.

So here's my long overdue response to all those lovely comments...

"Yes mom, Deborah Kerr certainly is beautiful"

I'll fly back to visit the nest every now and then, dad"

The latest news we heard from our motherland were so ridiculous, we were laughing until we almost cried"

The delectable wine was gone all too soon"

Yes, I'll bake it for you bro, only if you lend me your arm muscle to cream the butter and sugar"

Macintosh may rule, bro... but their kingdom is sadly quite small"

Big wave back to you, cousin"

"Keep the love coming!"

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