Sunday, June 11, 2006

MILD spicy soup (which is actually HOT)

What cold and wet but also very interesting weekend it has been so far... It started with yesterday going out for dinner with MH's ex-classmates + partners for SICHUAN HOTPOT/STEAMBOAT... the perfect thing to indulge in on a cold winter's night.

We ordered 2 types of soup, the plain chicken herbal soup and the spicy sichuan soup. For the spicy soup, there were so many different levels of spiciness from ultra-mild, mild, spicy, extra-spicy, ultra-spicy...

Should we try some ultra-spicy for some kick? Then someone mentioned that she had eaten here before and found the mild version to be very very hot already...... serious-ah? ok ok ok... so should we take ultra-mild then? But still need a bit of kick, right? Stick to mild then... (worse come to worse, can mix the spicy soup with the plain one).

We selected many different types of meat, fishball, seafood, vegies, mushroom, noodles... When the soup arrived, I peered curiously at the so called MILD spicy soup... oh my goodness! It was such a hellish red colour, with lots of chilli paste swirling around in it and so many many sichuan peppercorns floating around... so scary... doesn't look mild at all!

We dumped the ingredients in the pot to cook, some in the plain soup, some in the spicy soup... after 8 mins... DIG IN!!!

I took a ladle-full of the spicy soup... must try this MILD soup... one tiny sip... WAAAAHHHH... no joke man, this is HOT... I felt the heat permeate through my body. Then all around the table, one by one we all peeled off our jumpers and jackets...

For around $11 per person, this is definitely a good way to warm up this winter. Very near our place in Burwood.

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