Saturday, June 17, 2006

Men are just big boys

The other day, for reasons unknown, hubby had a sudden impulse to tear open all the boxes of cereal bars to retrieve the free toys inside.

It was done before I could stop him. I started to get cross with him when he pleaded and said that he never had such things when he was a kid, and promised to clean it all up afterwards.

There was a superman x-ray vision pen, a wristband, sports pouch among the little knick knacks he found inside the boxes.

Sigh. Boys will always be boys.

Since the deed was already done, I made hubby make a solemn promise that we will never tolerate such nonsense from our kids next time... because I'm not going to be the one to clean up the mess afterwards... while he and the kids just fool around.

Maybe I will be the fierce parent after all? Hmmm.... naaaaah!

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