Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dying wish

She cried because he did not get his dying wish.

I want to go home, he said.

Soft and determined.

His legs were not as strong as they used to be.

His eyes were dim.

I want to go home, he said.

But he could not get up.

He looked up to watch silent lips move.

He could not hear their words.

There was kindness in the girl’s tears.

How could he make her understand.

The children’s faces were a blank page.

He must make them understand.

Eerie silence. Darkness.

I want to go home, he said.


He closed his eyes and sighed.

They all cried. Even the children.

The girl was silent.

He looked down and saw the tears. He heard the sobs also.

If only they could understand.

He looked up.

There was gentle music and a soft light.

I want to go home, he said.


Then he got up and walked.

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  1. What??? No comments on my deep philosophical poetic attempts???


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