Sunday, June 04, 2006

Another wedding

Tomorrow, MH and I will be witnesses to a friend's wedding.

Although... this couple seems to be doing this wedding somewhat more out of necessity rather than more out of love, commitment etc.

Not that they don't love each other. I think they do want this for the long-haul. However circumstances called for this wedding sooner than they might have wanted.

Nope... it's not a baby.

It's PR issue.

The guy had a PR and the girl doesn't. The girl wanted to get PR purely on her own merit by finding a job and getting sponsored by a company. However after 2 months of trying, they realised that this way was a virtual impossibility.

So they decided the best way was to get married so the girl could apply for PR as a spouse.

I personally think that a marriage beginning on such a shaky basis is treading on dangerous ground. It will take a some discernment and wisdom to keep it steering on in the right direction.

We wish them all the best.

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