Sunday, May 21, 2006

Silly me...

Tonight for dinner I made bakuteh...(yumz!)

I had overslept during my afternoon nap, and only woke up at 5.15PM. So I had to rush to prepare dinner because bakuteh takes a quite a long time to "tun".

At 6.40PM, the lovely Chinese herby smells were wafting through the kitchen... Hubby piped up happily "mmmm.... it smells yarmeeee!".

Yes, it certainly smelled lovely... THEN... I gasped in horror... because I suddenly realised...


Arrghhh... I jumped up and ran to the kitchen to cook the rice.

Now dinner will be delayed by another hour... humph!


  1. Poor you! Co-incidentally, we had bakuteh for dinner tonight - after the Da Vinci Code

  2. all this talk about food is making me so under's as if i was from a third world country; like the starving children in Sudan, or even one of dad's favorite catch phrase 'Somalia Kids'. Someone should send a relief team to my college...hahahahah


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