Saturday, May 27, 2006

PC status

The PC is back in action. Hubby is happily perched before it playing his Empire Earth.

So what actually happened?

Well, like most PC hiccups, one can never be exactly sure what was the actual root cause.

This is my side of the story: On Thursday afternoon I was happily surfing a baby gift website to select a present to send to a church friend in Singapore who had recently given birth to a baby. As I was filling out an online form to order the gift, while chatting to hubby at the same time on the phone, when all of a sudden, the screen went --BLACK-- so scary! I started clicking the mouse and the keyboard frantically while saying agitatedly to hubby, "honey, something happened to the PC!!!"

Hubby tried to calmly and methodically guide me through some steps to do some simply tests to restore the computer... but to no avail. The only thing left to do was to pull the plug out and leave it till he came home. But hours of fiddling with it later that evening proved fruitless. We decided to leave it till Saturday after we came back from our Blue Mountains trip to bring it to a computer shop.

We put this trouble aside on Friday to enjoy our day trip to the mountains. Then on Saturday we brought the PC to a nearby computer shop for diagnosis.

We ended up forking out $60 for a new 'power source box', and after reinstalling Windows XP again, all is well again it seems.

And that's the story of our latest boh-liao escapade.


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