Sunday, May 28, 2006

NSW south coast trip cont'd... Day 3

Before I begin telling you about our trip to the Blue Mountains. I'd better stop and finish-off my saga of our trip to the NSW South Coast...

Trip NSW South Coast Apr-06 Day 1
Trip NSW South Coast Apr-06 Day 2

[A] You may possibly be aching to hear about the rest of the trip
[B] I simply cannot stand leaving things undone and incomplete

So here goes Day 3 of our trip to the NSW South Coast... probably my favourite day of all... was it because of:

[A] The lovely warm & cozy smell of this handcrafted woodfired sourdough bread?

[B] Being transported back in time inmy imagination: the year 1928, the shipwreck site of the S.S. Merimbula? (Imagine what it must have been like on that dark stormy night which led to the sad end of the sailors who died here)

[C] Almost succeeding in persuading hubby to lick the salt deposits in these rock crevices?

[D] Having Fresh sourdough bread and tuna for lunch?

[E] Spending the evening in this cozy B&B at Tilba Tilba?

[F] Meeting my new friend? --Diesel--


[G] All of the above?

More photos from Day 3 of NSW southern coast trip found at:
Trip NSW South Coast Apr-06 Day 3

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