Sunday, May 28, 2006

My take on The DaVinci Code movie

Hubby and I went to watch The DaVinci Code on Tuesday.

There's nothing I violently dislike about the movie. I suppose the main thing preventing me from flowing along in complete abandon with the movie was because everything I had read in the book was constantly nigging me at the back of my mind.

I had a feeling of being rushed past the details through the movie. I suppose because it is quite a mammoth task to compress a big book into a small space of less than 2 hours. Not bad, not bad... And it was definitely nice to visualise the details of this book on screen... (how cool is a cryptex, eh?)

Hubby, not having read the book yet, was just caught up in the action of the movie. He may not have been able to pick up all subtleties such as the background and history of the different characters and symbols throughout the movie. But of course he could ask me all about it later on.

I can understand the controversy of this big mystery that could topple the whole Christian empire... but in the end, remember that this book is in the FICTION section of your library, not the non-fiction.

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