Saturday, May 20, 2006

More on receipt errors... (in our favour)

On Saturday as usual, hubby and I went to do our usual weekly grocery shopping.

After we bought all the stuff we needed, I suggested that we buy a few bottles of bacardi breezers or similar cocktail-type drinks to enjoy (just felt like it). So we headed to the liquor store nearby.

Hubby picked up a 4-pack of bacardi breezer lime... while I scanned the rows of colourful bottles and caught sight of this 4-pack vodka caramel... very interesting... it was a couple of dollars more expensive than the breezers at close to $11.00... Hubby said what the heck, let's get 'em both.

After we paid for the drinks at the checkout... I looked over the receipt (standard process now) and saw that they had charged the vodka caramel at $4.40... WOw! No wonder I had a funny feeling just now that I was getting back too much change at the checkout...

By the time we realised this...we were already on the escalator going up to the exit on the next level... too much effort to go all the way back to the liquor store... I know... we are so evil.

WooHoo... we can partieeee tonite!!!


  1. It could be that price was supposed to be 4.40 rather than 11.0 ! Then again, 4.40 for a bottle is real cheap !

  2. It's $4.40 for 4 bottles!!! Too good to be true... definitely a mistake... esp for such a special vodka drink.

  3. an alcoholic housewife...hhhmmmm drawing some distressing similarity with the typical suburban housewife...hahahahahahha


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