Monday, May 01, 2006

Isn't good to have a big sister?

lil' bro Paul has been having a blissful week being pampered here... after the tragic stories of how he's had to fend for himself and cook his own very very simple meals for the past four weeks... I thought we'd give him a nice culinary treat while he's here...

So for the past week... we've been enjoying:

01. Pasta with homemade tomato sauce
02. Pork cooked in black sauce with hard boiled eggs
03. Yong tau foo
04. Fried rice
05. Hainanese chicken rice
06. Chee cheong fun
07. Pancakes
08. Honey and spice cake
09. Ricotta cheesecake
10. Hot chococino

And I also gave him a small farewell token of a jar of homemade peach jam, a jar of homemade chilli sauce, and a slice of honey&spice cake to munch on his journey.

Hopefully, we got him well-rested and fattened enough to survive the remainder of his semester.

I wish I had a big sister to pamper me too!

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  1. Wow! that's treatment royale, man. Perhaps that's the reaon for his long silence - too weak to write or too busy wolfing down the goodies.. heh.. heh


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