Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Games galore!!!

Recently, jQk asked me to get hold of the game Settlers of Catan for him at a VERY special price which I personally offer to close family members only... ahem ahem... *grin*

We talked briefly about other top games at our cafe...

I'm sure my family should remember Citadels which we brought back our personal set to play in KK over Chinese New Year.

Other games which we've shared with the family include: Robert Kiyosaki's classic Cashflow, and the funny little game Pick Picknic about the chickens, ducks and turkeys fighting for food with an evil fox sneaking up to eat them all up (you'll know what I mean once you've played this game).

Mum and dad should remember the tug-o-war battle they fought in Heave-Ho when they came to Singapore to visit our cafe and mum kept winning almost every round... "beginner's luck" dad said... hehehehe, it was a very funny sight to watch them play.

We realised that the top games that are favourites among our customers are always the EVIL ones. Everyone has an evil, scheming side which they like to let loose in play. People just love sabo-ing other people. Which is why games like Settlers of Catan and Citadels are so popular.

And if you like these games, you will also like these other favourites of mine: I'm The Boss - this will give you a feeling of living in Donald Trump's "it's nothing personal, just business" world; Betrayal at House on the Hill - where you explore a haunted mansion, I wrote about my experience in that game >>here<<. And I heard that this new game Saboteur is starting to become very popular among customers who enjoy evil/sabo-type-games... even the first 4 letters of the game title spell S.A.B.O.

And just to finish off my list of games I like... here are some other personal favourites which I always enjoy playing (all having sabo elements as well)...

Blokus: A Mensa accredited game to bring out the genius in you (you might like this game especially if you are a Tetris-addict)

Loco: I just find this game so intriguing because of its beautiful simplicity and yet holding so many hidden complexities... plus I have a weakness for colourful round things...

Bohnanza: A bean trading game... it's really not as silly as it looks

Mamma Mia: Nothing whatsoever to do with ABBA... it's a pizza-making game, and always leaves me craving for pizza at the end (in fact just thinking about it now makes me feel like eating pizza)

Oh ya, I think besides sabo-ing type games, people also enjoy playing games that are related to FOOD (like bird-food, beans, pizza etc). So finally before I end, I give you an old favourite: Halli Galli - because people just like looking at pictures of colourful fruits, and the game is easy enough for children, doofuses, SPGs and dumb-blondes to understand... hehehehe, that is a rather mean remark... but how can it be since I myself enjoy it too... maybe I am also a dumb-blonde?

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