Monday, May 22, 2006


Well ladies and gentlemen... I am about to make a deep and dark confession. Are you ready for it?

OK, here I go:

"I don't really like babies"

Yup. So are you shocked? Surprised maybe?

It's not that I hate or despise them or am afraid of them... I just don't have the natural instictive desire to want to coddle and cuddle them like so many other girls.

I remember many events event of visiting someone's newborn (e.g. parent's friends, relatives etc). I'd peer at the baby from the sidelines, while hoards of girl cousins, friends, aunties, grannies all fight each other to hold the baby... cooing and ahh-ing and making so many ridiculous noises... I feel almost embarrassed for them and even a little sorry for the poor baby. How scary it must be for the little mite to be smothered almost the death my so much "love".

I usually try to mind my business as much as possible, until someone notices me and catches me to order me to hold the baby... OK, I exagerated a little there, they do not order me but I certainly am not allowed to refuse to do it... I can imagine the gasps of horror if I ever did refuse such an honour...

Don't misunderstand me, lke I said I do not hate babies... I find them mostly to be peaceful little creatures, nice-smelling, soft... I am simply just not a babymaniac!

To be honest, I might actually be more of a puppy-maniac instead... I just have a natural touch with puppies and dogs... (more gasps of horror ensue...)

As I grew up I eventually learnt to appreciate how special babies are... and I honestly and sincerely do enjoy discussing all the adorable points of my friends' babies... I really do, because it really is a very special to see this maternal joy in them. Just don't catch me screaming over the poor baby "YOU ARE SOOOOO KIUUUUUUUT!!!" (honestly woman, do you have to scream so loud into the poor baby's face???) or innecessantly bouncing the baby for hours on end... (sigh, poor baby)

Perhaps I will morph into a babymaniac one day when I have my own baby... probably because my own baby will be NICER and KIUT-er than other people's babies... (well to me anyway).

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