Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ngiong Tew Foo inspiration

I suddenly felt like making and eating Ngiong Tew Foo.

I've eaten it plenty of times but I've never made any of it myself.

It looks easy enough, just stuff some mince pork into the beancurd, right?

But I think one key secret is the sauce itself. I want to be able to make the sauce just the right saucy texture, with just the right briny flavoursome taste.

I remember last time at my secondary school canteen, the canteen aunty served yong Ngiong Tew Foo which you could choose to eat with some rice. The sauce was so yummy (and not to salty either!) that I felt quite satisfied just eating just a couple of Ngiong Tew Foo and plain rice, provided that the aunty ladled generous amounts of the sauce onto my plate.

So what's the secret in the sauce? I Googled the recipe online and found so many variations to the recipes that I'm now just utterly confused.

One version says to stew the sauce with soya beans. Another says to use chilli garlic sauce. How? Which version to use? Or should I just try everything together and cross my fingers that it will all come together perfectly in the end...

I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. oh dear, ur yongtaufu entry is making my mouth water. im begining to develop a craving as well...

  2. Yah I knooow! so hungry... ouch.

  3. Remember to add minced garlic and prawns ( pounded dried or chopped fresh) to the meat. A dash of oyster sauce, sesame oil and pepper.The mix with cornflour. Dad says add chopped coriander leaves for extra flavour, Hakka style. To get smooth sauce, combine oyster sauce, sesame oil and cornflour and water.


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