Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TV life...

Last night, I watched the second episode of this new series 'Hotel Babylon' (preview of first episode down the night before). Because of some strange coincidence, my other favourite series 'Commander in Chief' was not showing (but will resume as usual the following Monday). So I had a chance to check out what this new 'Hotel Babylon' was all about. But come next Monday, I don't know what I'm going to do when these two great shows are showing at the same time on different channels??? Sigh. Choices.

'Hotel Babylon' really is quite an intriguing show. Besides the sexiness and glamour of the characters, the show portrays the behind-the-scenes of the hotel business and show how hotels really work... it was all very clever and interesting. Apparently Hotel Babylon is currently Britain's biggest export after making a successful debut in the US.

I got down the thinking about all the other drama series on TV. Hubby's favourite is CSI which he never misses an episode if he can help it. As I made a mental list of all the current TV series' I know of... I realise that TV drama has really evolved to reflect life more than ever. Now it's no longer just sleazy soap operas about beautiful, rich people, marrying and divorcing one another. TV producers are now into reflecting everyday people, doing everyday jobs, in their everyday life.

Let me show you what I mean... take any profession or workplace and see if you can list down any TV dramas that are based on that profession. Let's start with the classic doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, policeman type of professions like...

Doctors, Nurses, Hospital: Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, ER, House, All Saints, Nip/Tuck

Police, Crime Investigation: CSI, Blue Heelers, Medium, Cold Case, Numb3rs

Lawyer: Law & Order, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal

Politics, Government, Military: Commander in Chief, NCIS, JAG

Teachers, School: Boston Public

These are the non-traditional professions which are now under the spotlight in these dramas:

Undertaker, Funeral Home: Six Feet Under

Hotel: Hotel Babylon

Airline: Mile High

Casino: Las Vegas

I thought some other professions which should be interesting to see a drama series on... Chef/Restaurant, Magazine Publishing, Home Builder, Laundromat?

But how about these other professions: Accountant, Engineer, Architect, Business Analyst... Is it possible for a drama series be made based on them? And how would they make it interesting and captivating? Well, they made a show about an undertaker, so who's to say? Don't be surprised that you might see some new series called 'Death & Taxes' featuring some sexy accountants.

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