Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Split seconds...

My most exciting adventure during the Perth weekend happened on Sunday afternoon.

The two Moondine girls and I were skipping happily in East Victoria Park to have lunch at Happy Meals. We were waiting to cross the road, watching out for an break in the flow of cars passing by. Out of sincere gentlemanly courtesy, a silver Toyota Camry stopped and gestured politely for us to cross. We smiled and nodded to the driver as we traipsied gaily across the road...


(the sound of glass breaking and metal grinding)

The following all happened in a split second... A big, rude four-wheel-drive had crashed straight into the Camry from behind. The Camry jerked sharply forward. My heart pounded as I watched it all happened. My legs felt numb as I started to run forward away from the smashed vehicles.

The three of us regrouped on the other side of the road, trembling slightly as we huddled together, we began to realise what a dangerously close call the incident was. We watched the two vehicles drive on angrily as they searched for place to stop and discuss who was to blame and talk about insurance and money.

Finally after a few moments, we went on to find a place to sit down at Happy Meals. After I had a few sips of hot tea to steady my nerves, I immediately gave thanks to God (not the thoughtless swearing "thank god it's all over" exclamation) but a sincere prayer of thanks for His protection. Because I knew that whole incidence was just a matter of split seconds... a split second difference would have made the outcome completely different.

I will not go into a series of meaningless "what ifs", but I will simply just be grateful.

Eventually we recovered enough to smile and pose for this cute picture...

And I truly thank God that through His protection, the only outcome of the day's adventure was the memory in this picture of the three of us smiling happily. That and a deeper appreciation for grace and protection beyond our understanding for which we will be eternally grateful.


  1. Whatifs will never be uttered if we have more faith in God.

  2. Yes, thank God indeed! Wait till dad read about this - he's presently in Tawau.

  3. I wonder whether the kind hearted man would ever stop for kind gesture after such a horrible incident ! I just hope this would not deter him. Thank God, all of you are safe and sound.


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