Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!

Today is resurrection Sunday. As part of the special occasion, church was at the Sydney Convention Centre at Darling Harbour just for today. Beautiful day today, a little windy but still definitely beautiful with "...not a cloud in the sky, just the sun in my eyes..."

After service, each of us were given an easter egg.

So cute!

And not just cheapo chocolate but Darrell Lea chocolate easter eggs!

Hubby was especially excited about his...

Or maybe he was just hungry.

Here he is again, happily munching it as we walked to Chinatown.

We were going to 'chup' some seats at Marigold to enjoy dim sum for lunch! Our friends D&G were going to meet us there to yum cha together. It was an excellent meal. But I got so carried away enjoying the food and chatter that I forgot to take any photos. Oh well, maybe next time.

This is my easter egg.

I'm not eating it yet because I'm a save-for-later kind of person.

I'm hoarding this in my secret hiding place to eat later for my afternoon snack.

See how I hid it? Clever eh? Hubby will never notice.

Shhh... don't tell him ok?

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