Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Don't kill the world...

Today is Anzac Day which is a public holiday. Tomorrow it'll be back to work again. MH starts work again tomorrow and I also have to get back into some kind of routine. I've been making excuses that I can't do much work this past week because no one else is working either so I can't get in touch with anyone.

Even back in Singapore, my ex-colleagues had gone away to Thailand for a team retreat (lucky fellows!) so the project I am working on was somewhat put on hold. So really, it's not that I'm lazy (earnest look), I really can't do much at the moment.

So now after coming back from our road trip... it's all unpacking, laundry, restocking groceries, sorting through accumulated letters and emails, settling bills that have arrived while we were away. All these little tasks I suppose it meant to help ease us slowly back to reality and routine.

<rustling of bill papers>

Good news... we've manage to cut down electricity usage by 25%!!! We used 12kWh over 88 days in our previous bill, and in the recent bill we used only 9Kwh over the same period... now that's an achievement! We're doing our bit for the environment too! Looks like doing little things like using less hot water and switching off all lights and plugs when not in use really do make a difference... or maybe it's just because electricity usage is just lower over the summer. It'll probably go up again in the next bill once the heaters come out of the storeroom. We'll just have to compare it to last year's bill over the same period.

Speaking of the environment, this reminds me of a song my lil' bro Paul sang at his school choir performance a long time ago...

Don't kill the world
Don't let her down
Do not destroy basic ground
Don't kill the world
Our means of life
Lend ears to nature's cry

Don't kill the world
Help her survive
And she'll reward you with life
And don't just talk
Go on and do
The one who wins is you

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