Thursday, April 27, 2006

Can't wait to try this wine...

Hubby and I drove up to Hunter Valley last Tuesday (18th April). It's about a one and a half hours drive up north from Sydney... a little further in from Newcastle.

We bought four bottles of wine altogether and tasted so many others... we only tasted mind you... hubby couldn't drink any because he was driving and I decided I wouldn't drink any so he wouldn't feel left out (so basically we had to spit out the wine after we tasted it in our mouth into the bucket specially set aside for this purpose).

Let's see... we bought two bottles at Mt Pleasant Estate: a 2001 Verdelho and a Classic Muscat. Then we bought a lovely Dessert Verdelho from Pokolbin Estate. And finally a sparking Rouge Ambrosia from Peterson's Champagne House. All perfectly lovely.

I am especially keen on the dessert wine. You see the Pokolbon Estate is an extremely small boutique winery and all its wines are not available for sale in the mass market at all. So I imagine that each bottle they produce has a more personalised touch.

What's also unique is the serving suggestion for this wine: over ice with a lemon wedge for some twist. Interesting eh?

But like all special wines, I will want to save it for a really special occasion... and who knows when that will be?

Also at Pokolbin Estate, they had a little corner where we could try their homemade jams, jellies and condiments. I tried this chilli and I tell you it was HOT. No kidding.

I had thought sup sup sui lar how hot can ang-moh's chilli be... and boy was I surprised.

It was so hot that my ears hurt... I could almost feel the smoke coming out from them.

We also bought some chocolate to share with our connect group members. But the chocolate shop/factory was not as fun as the one at Margaret River WA. There was no viewing room to see the chocolate making process and no piles of little chocolate pellets you could try without anyone caring.

But the chocolate here is probably not bad either. I have to exercise self-control not to eat the chocolate before our next connect group.

More photos of our Hunter Valley trip at Hunter Valley Trip Apr-06

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