Friday, April 28, 2006

The agony of navigating

We arrived back safe and sound from our 4-day trip down south many many lovely memories and images of beautiful scenery tucked away in our minds.

The only pill in my jam which still leaves a bitter after taste long after the ordeal is over is this:

Yup, it's navigating. I confess that at one point at the start of the trip, the tension between navigator and driver got so bad that tempers were flaring up to breaking point. It's shameful but it's true.

But let's not dwell on unhappy things... because we eventually managed to settle into an acceptable navigational-driver communication system to enjoy other happy things.

Highlights from our first day include...

Seeing this ideal burial spot... imagine being buried right by the sea... facing the eastern ocean horizon... with the perfume of seabreeze in the air...

Queuing and waiting to sample the best fish&chips in Wollongong at Boufflers... it was well worth it though!

Enjoying the tranquility at Nan Tiem temple: the largest temple in the southern hemisphere. Or should have been (actually I was still simmering with anger over the navigating issue to fully enjoy the tranquility - sigh)

But in the end, we made peace... before the sun went down on our anger... just as we should...

More photos from Day 1 of NSW southern coast trip found at:
Trip NSW South Coast Apr-06 Day 1

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  1. My sympathies. Men need to learn patience when dealing with our navigation skills. We function differently.


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