Wednesday, March 29, 2006

week-long silence...

Gosh! I didn't realise that it's been over a week since I last updated my blog. I'm usually as regular as rain. But lately, there's been nothing especially interesting to report.

Nothing much over the past week. Main thing to highlight was our connect group outing on Friday night. We had dinner at this Italian restaurant which was reputed to have the best pizza. I must say it was really good. We'll take you there next time if you ever visit us. It's not too far away from our place. One interesting pizza we had was an 'eggplant and egg pizza' which had roasted eggplant and sliced hard-boiled eggs on it... really unique!

I'll be flying off to Perth tomorrow for a business meeting and stay over the weekend to catch up with some friends. They're already planning a dinner (in my honour apparently) for Saturday night. Will be returning to Sydney on Sunday night.

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