Monday, March 13, 2006

Unpleasant Tasks: Taxes

Filed my taxes online for my Singapore income this afternoon. I took great pains to make sure I keyed in everything correctly. I am in mortal fear that I may have missed this or that little detail which will result in very painful consequences for me. I took a little more time over this to read all the FAQs and guidelines to check that I covered everything. It's all done to the BEST of my ability and understanding of the numerous policies and exemptions and clauses.

Perhaps this endless mountain of rules is their ploy to discourage us from doing anything clever with our tax filing. This is to maximise the total amount of tax due out of our meagre little earnings (poor us!). I'm convinced there's a evil looking line of bureaucrats with beady eyes rubbing their hands together and saying in chorus: "just overwhelm and flood 'em with data!!! That's the way to get 'em!".

Even after I clicked the SUBMIT button. I still had that prickly feeling at the back of my neck that I might have overlooked some minor detail. It didn't help that the process ended with an accusing little pop-up with the disclaimer: "I am aware that there are penalties for furnishing an incorrect tax return. Click OK if you have understood the above declaration". Sigh, doesn't help to ease matters at all.

But now that I've gotten that unpleasant task out of the way. I am free to think about other much nicer things: e.g. what's for lunch?

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