Monday, March 20, 2006

To market... to market...

NOT to buy a fat pig...

But fresh fruit and vegies!

Every Saturday, I will always stop by here:
I find it very therapeutic to walk up and down the aisle, bordered by neatly arranged fresh produce. It's a feast for the eyes... I almost feel sure that they have colour-coordinated the produce to make it all look so perfect.

I like the happy bustle of excited people all around me... and sometimes when a worker is in an especially good mood, he will let me sample a taste of some of the produce. During my last visit, I sampled a cool and juicy merlot grape. The worker assured me that they were the best (they were his FAVOURITE type of grapes). So I bought a couple of bunches to roast with my chicken for dinner... yummy and SWEET!!! But that's another story...

I also buy eggs here... the always have the best prices for eggs around... but lately the prices of eggs have been quite high. My own theory is because of the Easter season, egg-sellers are anticipating an over-demand for all the upcoming Easter-egg-hunts? If my theory is right, the prices should drop again after the season wanes. We shall see.

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  1. A feast for the eyes indeed. I shall enjoy my time shopping in Sydney market


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