Monday, March 06, 2006

TAG: Five Simple Pleasures in Life

(Tag from my bro Paul... just for fun and to get to know myself...)

1. Making pancakes and/or eggs-sunny-side-up for breakfast on Saturday morning
2. Curling up in bed with a good book
3. Sipping a good hot bowl of home-style Chinese soup (especially on a cold wintry night... or any kind of night for that matter)
4. A good laugh (the ones that give a good kick in the tummy until you cry are the best!)
5. Coming home (to any place I call home... wherever it may be)

I'll stick to these 5 for now... most likely this list will change as time passes and I myself grow and change as a person.

My turn to tag... so I tag whoever is reading this entry... (because it's nice to take a moment to reflect and be thankful for the good things in life)

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