Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Warrior Friend

I came across this link to an article published in Singapore's Seventeen magazine. It featured one of my friends whom I met during my university days in Perth.

Article link: Women Warriors *

What is special about this friend was that she was hearing impaired... we would commonly refer to it as being deaf. We attended the same church and she eventually became one of my housemates at the "famous" Nottingham Street household.

Her friendship opened my eyes and broadened my horizons immensely about people around me. I learnt to communicate in sign language. And I banished my pre-conceived ideas and ignorance of the deaf community. I grew to appreciate the uniqueness and intricacies of Sign as a distinct language in itself.

More importantly, I gained a friend. A friend who allowed me to be able see things from a totally different perspective of the world. A friend who showed me the inner strength we all possess to overcome any obstacle in life to pursue one's dreams. A friend who was simply a friend... to talk, and laugh, and have fun with.

So I am proud of her being featured in this article as one of the women warriors overcoming personal life obstacles. I'm certain many readers will be inspired by her story.

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