Monday, March 06, 2006

Idlylic Sunday afternoon

On Sunday, this was where MH and I spent an idylic afternoon, sitting back on a bench, enjoying the sunshine and breeze, and watching families paddle about the water like this:

Nice eh? I was so keen to try it out. But I think it would have been quite expensive. So in the end we just lazed around and munched our little picnic lunch and teased the seagulls.

Flashback: This scene brings back memories of my childhood days when mom and dad used to bring us to Tun Fuad park in the evenings. Sometimes dad will go jogging while we played and fed the ducks. I remember one treat we had when dad took us kids out in one of those paddle-boats (not sure what it's called). We enjoyed ourselves so much and couldn't get enough of paddling about in that thing. It's so amusing to think how much fun it is to just paddle in that thing with no real destination... just going round and round in circles in the water... probably as kids with active imaginations we could pretend that we were sailing in a ship or navigating a battleship... the possibilities are endless to imagination...

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  1. Those paddle boats are no more there in the Tun Fuad Park lake. The good thing is, we still have traces of memories of days spent with the 3 kids. These days, we don't see a lot of kids there !


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