Friday, March 03, 2006

Bit and pieces of the week

Been quite a few days since I last updated my blog. Busy all week with this current project. Phonecalls, going out to meetings, typing transcripts, emailing... On top of that there's still the usual cleaning, cooking and laundry to do.

Facing information bottlenecks in the project now. We're facing difficulties in obtaining certain industry data. Hope we find a breakthrough soon, otherwise it will be very difficult to put together a solid analysis for the client.

Okay, here are some bits and pieces of what I've been up to this week. After the past few days of silence, you all must be wondering what happened to me...

lundi ~ monday
Attended French class as usual on Monday. We learnt to say all les jours de la semaine (the days of the week) , le mois (the months), and learnt to count up to soixante-neuf (sixty-nine).

mardi ~ tuesday
Made peach jam and preserved a jar of chopped peaches on Tuesday. They were selling a whole tray of peaches for only $5 the other day. So we split them with Paul... Paul should share them with his roomie. I made 4 tiny jars of the jam... gave one away to a friend. One I'm saving for Paul... hope it will keep, I sealed the jars air-tight, but without preservatives, I'm not sure how long they'll keep.

mercredi ~ wednesday
Connect group night on Wednesday. We celebrated someone's birthday... I made almond jelly to add to the refreshments table. Almond jelly is such a cliche Asian dessert to make. I made it the really typical way mixed with fruit cocktail. But it's so easy to make and such a crowd-pleaser.

jeudi ~ thursday
Microwaved frozen pizza pockets for dinner Thursday night... and went for a walk at the nearby shopping centre to pick-up some computer cables to connect MH's new TV card to PC. 20% off at K-mart... what excellent timing! We couldn't have picked a better time to get those cables.

vendredi ~ friday
I meant to cook the black sauce pork (recipe shared by mom) tonight, but one of MH's old classmates is in town, so we're going out to dinner. I'll cook the pork tomorrow. I bought the eggs already anyway. Have the price of eggs gone up? I was reluctant to get some until the last moment (here I go babbling on like a typical homie-wife): $5 for 3 dozen, instead of $4 for the same amount... and the eggs have shrunk, they used to be 600g eggs now only 500g. Other places it's the same... in fact $5 for 3 doz is the cheapest already. But I bought them anyway since I needed them (better stop babbling here).

Okay, time to get ready to go out... I'll try and write more soon...


  1. Sigh, those peaches went of in like 4 days...i couldn't finish it all by that time...i did share it with my roomie, but still, was a tall order...i ate a total of 4 peaches...and toss the rest out... tough luck

  2. 4 out of 9 is not bad... good for your digestive system no doubt. Hmmm... maybe should have kept a bit of yours and help you to make jam and preserves. Anyway, saving your jam for you...


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