Friday, February 10, 2006

Uneventful vs. Eventful

Uneventful day today... nothing much happened so far. I went out to the shops and bought a few items for dinner later. I'm attempting to fry one of the pomfret tonight instead of steaming it as usual. My only concern is that my stove being an electric one will not be able to create the high heat effect of an open fire stove. So to balance out the uncertainty, I'm cooking a slightly more elaborate vegetable dish: a mix fried vegie dish with cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms with black beans.

Back in Singapore, our partner is frantically juggling a myriad of events coming up at our cafe. A local PR firm is organising a Traffic Light party this Saturday with a live band, contests and everything (in case you didn't know, I believe Traffic Light is a mild dating event where guests dress up in colours to signify their availability: Red = Unavailable, Green = Available, Orange/Yellow = Not Sure). I've been busy doing up prize vouchers to be handed out during the event... it's gonna be a blast and I wish I could be there. Also been working on posters and vouchers for our Valentine's Day Promotion this coming week. It's all going to be very interesting.

The Board Game Meet-up group will be meeting at our cafe as usual on the third Sunday of the month. We'll also be sponsoring some of the prizes for the Board Games Fiesta organised by NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science.

Our partner back in Singapore will also have another go in the spotlight. Some students from NUS will be interviewing her for a program for Channel U. So exciting! Positive media exposure is always good. We don't even have to fork a cent like many companies do paying for expensive TV ads. We are indeed privileged.

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