Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On Business Class and Steamed Pomfret

Our Chinese New Year Holidays are now over. We touched down in Sydney at 5.00PM on Sunday 5th February. We flew by Austrian Airlines for the first time, and I give it a two thumbs up... but that was because we upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS as their flight was overbooked... MH and I were so psyched!!!

This was the second time I was flying business class... the first time was only a short trip from KK to Singapore the first time I left home for overseas university education.

We were really treated like honoured guests, the seats reclined in the most comfortable way, and the meals were exquisite with freeflow of bread and rolls. And I was especially excited about the complimentary toiletry bags which included "Origins" products... not any cheap generic stuff in there. Even the men's shaving cream was from "Origins". So you can be sure that we had a very comfortable flight.

It's certainly good to come home to a home... our home... once a place develops this familiar homey smell, I know I can call it home. Thankfully, the unpacking business was not a pain because I was looking forward to unwrapping all the goodies I bought during our shopping spree in KL. I didn't buy as many things as I used to because I realise that I have become so much more selective in my garment choices, so this narrows down my choices a lot more... plus the the items I choose seem to be more expensive nowadays... sigh... so that tightens my budget quite a bit too... but I am nevertheless still happy with my small and selective purchases.

Today I am steaming one of the pomfrets given by mom. As I try to recall the details of how mom prepares the fish, slitting three cuts along each side and rubbing salt all over, and feeling the sting of the chilli as I slice it... a gentle nostalgia sweeps over me as I reflect back on the precious moments spent with my family... both in KK and Subang.

Isn't great to be part of a family? The best family in the world!

OK gotta go check on my pomfret.

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