Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dead Beat


Reached home at around 3.00PM. My day started early at 7.00AM, woke up early same time as hubby to start getting ready. Got dressed, make-up, look through documents and jot down notes, then caught train at 9.00AM. It was a 1.5 hour journey to my destination near Cronulla (which you might heard was where those racial riots broke out). I also had to catch a taxi for the last 1km leg of the journey from the train station to the interviewee's office. I was at first daunted at the prospect at facing 3 senior men at the same in one room. Somehow, almost the entire marketing team was present for this "meeting". But I had nothing to fear, they were all just regular nice fellows and the conversation sailed on smoothly for over 1.5 hours. The manager was so friendly that he offered to drive me back to the train station instead of catching a taxi... he also took the opportunity to give me the grand tour of the little town. Apparently, this site where the famous Captain Cook first landed and "discovered" Australia. The manager guy chattered on about the town, his family and declared that those so called "racial riots" were over-hyped by the media. He assured me that I had absolutely nothing to fear and encouraged me to walk around the local shopping complex where he dropped me off near the station to go on and "have some fun". Unfortunately I was quite tired already, so I didn't walk around much to "have my fun" and decided to go straight home. I caught the 1.15PM train and arrived in Burwood at 2.30PM. After that I still had some errands to run at the bank, the post-office and picked-up some groceries for dinner.

It's 4.30PM now, and I am multi-tasking, checking my email, typing out notes from the meeting and preparing dinner. Speaking of dinner, I gotta go check on the soup I'm boiling right now.

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