Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bonjour! Comment Allez Vous!

Salut, everyone!

We've just attended our first French class on Monday night. I was actually feeling bit sian of having to attend some sort of class and worried that I might get bored halfway through. Plus I was disappointed that I didn't manage to squeeze myself into one of the Italian classes which was my first choice. But French could turn out alright too!

There's 15 of us in the class, and our teacher Julie is from the South of France. She's a jolly person and is a fantastic teacher. It would have been a tremendous waste of money to have an uninteresting teacher anyway. So I am glad that this could be some form of educational entertainment for MH and I every Monday for the next 10 weeks.

I'm already picking up a smattering of French sentences, and it's quite amusing to put on those exaggerated French accents. Our teacher encourages us to exaggerate the French accents as much as possible because it's apparently better to force it out at first and let it soften over time.

Here are some French phrases for you to learn:

Bonjour (pronounced "Bonzjuo") = Hello / Good Day
Salut (pronounced "Saloo") = Hi
Comment Allez Vous (pronounced "Komentaleivoo") = How are you?
Bien = Good
Merci = Thanks

If you have no talent whatsoever in picking up any French, at least learn this catchall phrase: "Ca Va!" (pronounced as "Sa Va"). It functions both as a Question, as well as an Answer...

Ca Va? (with question mark) = How ya goin'?
Ca Va. (as an answer) = Fine / Alright

Cute, eh?

We also learned to count from zero to twenty in French, and how to sing the French alphabet.


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