Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The best friendships

I want to write a few thoughts on my childhood friends. During my recent trip back to KK for Chinese New Year, MH and I went out for coffee with some of my old comrades. Irwin was back in KK too... it was soooo good to see him because I hadn't seen him in ages. I can't explain how I felt. It was a little different from meeting Wini and Janice because I still see them a little more often. But seeing Irwin again made me remember the days gone by at youth fellowship and serving together as leaders and in the worship team. It all seems like it happened only yesterday... but then again as I watch the new generation of youths jumping about the church, it can also seem so long ago and I feel strangely older... not old (because I am not old yet)... just old-er.

We met at the Coffee Bean at Damai... which was where Burger King used to be at in "our time". Sigh, again I cannot explain how good it felt to be sitting together with Wini, Janice and Irwin, reminiscing about the old days and teasing each other about past crushes and the personal dramas we lived out together. I cannot believe how close the bonds of friendship still remain... I never realised those friendships forged in our youths were truly friends for life.

So many things to remember, it would take books to fill it all... so much to remember... Camping out in the hall togetherat the BCCM retreat centre in Kundasang... The silly ice-breaker games we played at JYF meetings every Saturday... JYF committee meetings that lasted for 5 hours... the gossip and drama of who-liked-who back when... we even when as far back as sunday school days when the boys wore socks up to their knees and shorts pulled high up their waist... and the silly boy vs girl debates we used to have in class...

I haven't laughed that hard in ages... I always need a good laugh every now and then... the really painful ones that bring tears to my eyes are the best. Those were good days.

I reflected that I can't always control when and how people walk into my life. These are people that are part of the community I was born into. In a way they are just like part of my family as well. To a certain extent I suppose I can control the people who become my friends. But the best friendships are the ones that just happen. These friends are more than just friends but truly brother and sister.

So when I think of happiness, I will think of vanilla ice-cream, Christmas, family reunions, as well as friends... like these.

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