Saturday, January 21, 2006

Setting the mood for the rest of the day

I love a good Saturday morning breakfast. It's absolute bliss to be able to sleep in a little later than usual. Then just potter lazily about the kitchen stirring up those yummy smells. And then later just sit down to a nice relaxing breakfast... just the two of us...

I always try to make Saturday morning breakfasts a little more special... whether it's hotcakes or pancakes, sausages or frankfurts, eggs sunny-side-up, scrambled eggs, or eggs any way you like.

I think it's because I have such comforting memories of Saturday morning breakfasts as a kid. I clearly remember all of us kids chopping and dicing and whisking to make egg omelettes in the morning. And I also remember dad making his "special" frankfurts using his ingeneous method of microwaving them in a bowl of water. And mom's pancakes have a magical way of turning out just perfectly every time.

The great thing about food in Australia is because of the great ingredients you can find easily. Like this morning, we went to do our grocery shopping and I bought fresh eggs, fresh mushrooms and fresh fruit which all went into making our breakfast later went we arrived home. Lovely.

But the best thing about Saturday morning breakfasts or any kind of breakfast is not the ingredients or the food itself, but it's sharing it with someone special you love. I know this sounds very corny, but it's the absolute truth.

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