Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A new year... a new beginning...

With Christmas over and done... next up on my itinerary was the new year countdown for 2006. Instead of the usual countdown in the comfort of our own home in front of the TV, we decided to be more adventurous and join the crowds down at the harbour front near the Sydney Opera House... and our couple friends, D&G were all game for it as well.

So I packed chicken sandwiches, some cake, Kopiko sweets and bottled up some water and met D&G at the train station. We thought it was better to take the train down to avoid the massive traffic jams and wasting petrol cruising around for parking spaces.

We found a nice grassy spot near the Botanic Gardens overlooking the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. We spread out the picnic mats and settled down... by that time it was around 6.00PM... still way early... but loads of people have been there since early this morning, and some even set up tents to camp on their spot for the whole day!

Unfortunately, we were quite ill prepared for the long wait... it our haste to get there, we forgot to pack something to help while the time away like a book or a pack of cards. Somehow we managed to pass the 6 hours without dying of boredom by playing some mind games, talking and walking around to explore the surrounding areas.

The final countdown was preceeded by some "test fireworks" which went off at 9.00PM... that was pretty nice already. Some people left after the 9.00PM fireworks, but we decided to stay all the way. It was perfect, except for a nearby building which partially blocked some of the view.

Photos are here: New Year's Eve 2006 at Sydney

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